Monday 12/05
Homework: Complete the unit 4 pre-assessment.

Wednesday 12/07

Thursday 12/08
Homework: Create an advertisement for your own, make believe state. Make sure to advertise the eight characteristics of your state.

Homework: Annotate and answer AP reading questions.

Monday 12/12
Homework: Finish your Interim 2 test corrections

Tuesday 12/13
Homework: Complete the storyboard on Imperialism in India.

Wednesday 12/14
Homework: Write a letter to Rothland's government about centripetal and centrifugal forces

Thursday 12/15
HW: Memorize a map South America. You will have a quiz over these countries on Monday.


HW: Finish pamphlet on the UN. Annotate and answer reading questions on the European Union.

Tuesday 12/20
HW: Write a persuasive paragraph answering this question, "Do you think it was right for the United States to go to war with Afghanistan?"

Wednesday 12/21
HW: Start Winter Break Packet

Tuesday 01/03
HW: Finish AP Mountain Review Packet

Wednesday 01/04
HW: Study for at least one hour by doing one of the following:
Playing Boombag
Quizzing yourself with flashcards
Writing the answers to your Cornell Note questions