09/26 Monday- 2.0 Population Concentration
Daily Question: Where is the majority of the world's population located?
HW: Use the attached reading "Population Concentrations" to fill out the graphic organizer.

09/27: Tuesday- 2.1 Ecumene
Daily Question: "What is the Ecumene and why do people live where they do?"
HW: Write a letter to the editor in response to editorial urging people to move to the non-ecumene.

09/28: Wednesday- 2.2 Population Densities
Daily Question: "Which countries have the greatest arithmetic densities, physiological densities, and agricultural densities.
HW: Complete an annotation about density. Complete the cartogram crossword for extra credit.

09/29 Thursday- 2.3 Population Pyramids
Daily Question: "What can you learn about a country's demographics from a population pyramid?"
HW: Create your a population pyramid for an imaginary country. For example, I might create a hypothetical population pyramid for "Rothville"

09/30 Friday: Predicting Population Trends
Daily Question: "How can we use population pyramids to predict future demographic changes?"
HW: Complete Grade Makers (word wall vocabulary sheets).

10/03: Reflection on Free Response part of Unit 1 Exam
Daily Question: "What does a great free response look like?"
HW: Create your own population pyramid

10/04:Demographic Transition Day 1
CW: "What is the Demographic Transition Model?"
Homework: Annotation and reading questions

10/05: Demographic Transition Day 2
CW: "What is the Demographic Transition Model?"
Homework: Complete your line graph of CBR and CBD AND answer the questions about the graph in your class notes packet

10/06: Demographic Transition Day 3
CW:"What is the Demographic Transition Model?"
HW: Finish grademakers and study guide for Friday's quiz

10/07 Friday- Quiz Day
CW: Take Quiz
HW: Finish Free Response Question

10/11 Tuesday- Population Policies
CW: How do governments influence population growth?

HW Blocks 1 and 4: Write two paragraphs of at least six sentences each where you compare and contrast India and China's population policies. The first paragraph should explain the similarities between India and China's population policies. The second paragraph should explain the differences between the two countries' population policies.

HW Block 5: Annotate and answer the questions about India's population.

10/12: Wednesday- PSAT no classwork or homework

10/13: Thursday- Prepare for interim.
CW: AP Mountain
HW: Finish AP Mountain Packet

10/14:Friday- Prepare for interim
CW: Quiz Corrections
HW: Finish Quiz Corrections

10/19 Migration Intro
CW: What is migration and why do people migrate?
HW: Read the last page of your classwork packet (Ravenstein Reading) and answer the question on the second to last page of the classwork packet.

10/20 Thursday- U.S. Immigration Policy
Class Work: Create a annotated timeline of U.S. immigration history
Homework: Read a speech Obama made about immigration policy in the United States. Then fill out the graphic organizer about the speech.

10/21 Friday- Debating U.S. Immigration Policy
Classwork: Debate whether the US should closed or open door immigration policy.
Homework: Write a 5 paragraph essay responding to the question "Should the United States use quotas to limit immigration to the United States?"

10/24 Monday
Class Work: Learn about refugees by examining three case studies
Homework: Write a journal entry from the perspective of a refugee.

10/25 Tuesday
Class Work: Examine a Sudanese refugee's experience in the United States by watching a documentary
Homework: Write a letter to the US department of refugees recommending improvements to refugee services.

10/26 Formal Day-- No Class

10/27-10/28 No School-- Professional Development Days for teachers

10/31 Monday: Interim Review
CW: Review Questions from Interim
HW: Complete grademakers for Unit 2 vocabulary

11/01 Tuesday: Jeopardy Review for Unit 2 test
CW: Jeopardy!
HW: Study Guide Questions

11/02 Unit 2 test
CW: Test
HW: Reflection on Term 1