Below you can find .pdf documents of classwork (CW), powerpoint presentations used during lectures, and homework assignments (HW).
Tuesday 08/30
CW: Human Geography and Physical Geography
HW: Annotation on Human Geography

Wednesday 08/31
CW: Spatial Perspective
HW: Annotation on the Spatial Perspective

Thursday 09/01
CW: 3 Different Types of Regions
HW: Vocabulary Builder for Word Wall Words 1.0-1.2

Friday 09/02
CW = Open Note Quiz
HW = Annotation on regions

Tuesday 09/06
CW: Scale
HW: Crossword on Scale

Wednesday 09/07
CW: 4 Cartographers (Map Makers)
HW: Create 2 Talking Head Collages

Thursday 09/08
CW: 6 Different Types of Maps
HW: Organize binder and Mid-Unit Exam Review Questions

Friday 09/09
CW: Mid-Unit Exam
HW: Word Wall Vocabulary 1.3-1.5

Monday 09/12
CW: Map Projections
HW: Finish table comparing and contrasting Map Projections

Tuesday 09/13
CW: Practice studying for exams
HW: Fill in the six flash cards for map projections

Wednesday 09/14
CW: "What type of technologies do geographers use?"
HW: (1) Create two advertisements that promote GIS and GPS technologies.
HW: (2) Have your parents read Mr. Roth's letter, sign it, and return it.

Thursday 09/15
CW: "How do features and ideas spread from one place to another?"
HW: Answer questions about the diffusion of hip hop
HW: Create five flashcards for each type of diffusion we studied.

Friday 09/16
CW: "What strategy can I use to become a better multiple choice taker?"
HW: Grade Makers (Vocabulary Words 1.5-1.8)

Monday 09/19
CW: "How can you prepare for the Unit 1 exam?"
HW: (1) Grade report signed
(2) Finish study packet

Tuesday 09/20
CW: "How can you score the maximum points possible for the free response questions on the AP test?"
HW: (1) Finish study packet from Monday
(2) Practice free response questions

Wednesday 09/21
CW: Exam part I = Free Response Question
HW: Study Guide Questions

Thursday 09/22
CW: Part II of exam
HW: Latitude and Longitude Crossword. Read the front of the handout to find the crossword answers on the back of the handout.

Friday 09/23
CW: "What degree of mastery did you demonstrate on the Unit one exam?"
HW: Finish test recovery points worksheets.